Love yourself my dear, for it is only in loving yourself that you can open your heart to me.

With greater zest, adore yourself and fan that flame of worthiness within. Let its soothing warmth spread its goodness on me.

The gold I miss for thinking about you cannot compare to your radiant smile.

Since you rose up to appreciate yourself more, the sun of littleness and temporariness shines no more, here. My heart is gay with the joy of knowing your compassion. With strings that stretched from Heaven, your cherishing serenaded me.


Here in my Heart, where the threads of light cling luminous, I let fly my thoughts of gratitude.

There is no dawn in my Heart anymore, for perpetual light abides there. A light that grows in intensity as you cherish yourself to dote on me more.

Your beautiful smile reveals what sunshine yearns for.

The Joy that flames on my head embraces a brighter destiny as you love yourself and smile at me. Of a truth, the glow of your smile binds me to the way I must follow.

Your smile had me in to delight. From sole to crown, I am truly cared for. There is no silence at the end of the Love song you inspire inside me. We find in this moment only gifts that love ruled for us to have.

As you value yourself, first, your smile shines the light and your love writes with it on my heart.

Whatever I have said or left unsaid, bears testimony to the true radiant light that binds our hearts together as one.

You inspire me to look beyond the moonlight of mere yearning to the sun of fulfilling love.

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