My Heart, a happy victim of Love, is consumed by the Flame of Love Celestial. I have given my Heart only Love, and it shall channel only Love to me. Love’s Fire is doing me up.

The Love of my Heart, a pure Flame of Paradise, is extending a gift that is enkindling many Hearts with Joy. Many lives shall feel and tell of the Fire of my Love. Love’s Fire has done away with the old that failed me.

My Love is a fulfilled prophecy that shines over from Realms sunny and eternal.

My Heart, fresh with Love’s dew, is a witness to the sublime radiance that frames my face, a radiance that attracts no idle glance.

Everything about my Heart says that it’s Love has left on a mission to comfort and uplift. It shall not offer one or two happy moments but it shall lift up many lives and allow them to see the cushion of Love beneath their feet. With Love’s Fire in my Heart, none can differ from me.

I no longer long for my beloved to enshrine memories of my Love in the altar within the Heart, for the Light of my Love is ever present within and around. The Heart cannot be divided out among illusions when Love’s Fire is watching.

O Love without blemish, reign in my Heart forever and smile tenderly at me and my beloved that we may extinguish all thoughts that fill our hearts with fickleness and dreary dullness. We will always do well by Love’s Fire.

Soon we shall fly afar among Heavenly Angels of Love.

We shall live for Love and take no thought of what tomorrow will bring, for Love’s Fire and Abundance are eternally around us.

By loving you, I am adding to Love’s Fire within me and entrenching it in my Heart forever.


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