Loving And Forgiving

Light pours to Earth through me, for I AM one and in the Heart of Christ. I have found my Heart of Hearts, my Love, Beloved Christ. My mind now makes a stir for loving and forgiving like Thee.

From Thy Great Heart of Love so pure, of Wisdom and ALL Power, Flash forth Thy Great Flame, and burst asunder all bonds of illusion. Declare now Christ Victory in my Mind. Blameless Christ, loving and forgiving like Thee now arise in my Mind.

Here! O, Christ! In this point I Am! I Am all Thou Art because I Am One with Thee.

I AM at my post, O Christ, and I AM standing in Christ Surrender. I AM at my post, O Christ, and I AM standing in Christ Faith and Christ Love.

l am here at the rising of the sun and its setting. All through the night and day, I will hold the flame of Christ Love in my mind. I will keep the watch. I will keep the Light forever in my mind.

Here I Am, O Christ! I count myself with Thee. I AM loving and forgiving with constancy.

O my Captain, my Beloved Christ, hear my call. For I stand, and I stand upon the watch, and I AM the keeper at the gate of my consciousness and heart. Nothing unlike Thee shall enter. Hold me in your Heart of Peace forever.

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