Loving Kindness


Let Love be the Wind that is raising the currents of my mind. A shining star beaming at me is up against the horizon of my mind. My Loving Kindness is starting out at my very core with bounties of goodwill.

None can carve the rhyme of separation and lack on my mind again.

All the pathways to freedom shut by doubts and littleness have been undone by Love. There is also that Loving Kindness, a progeny of my Love: how have you felt its soothing effects?

Love, the only keeper of my mind, sees my loving thoughts as they roll with ease and abandon.

Joy is cantering through that pathway as though it perfectly knows the old lost road to my heart.

The Love of my Heart is shining at Its full, and I stand transfigured in Its Golden Flood. My Heart cannot live long without extending Loving Kindness.

I adore my most fitting and soothing Light of Love which only seems, wherever it falls, to make the coldness disappear. To feel my Loving Kindness, you’d awaken to the Truth that we’re all made to Love.

My brightly plumed thoughts, swift and free, are laden with Light and Love, that are intensifying the gleam of my beloved’s smile. The works of my Loving Kindness are perfectly sound.

Each loving thought resplendent in the sweet aroma it bears, wanders like a ministering Angel. For extending my Loving Kindness, I still get a lot of Love from the very Source of Infinity.

To bestir oneself and become conscious of loving, is Life.

True Life looks through all shadows and shallows; earth but masks Heaven; my loving thoughts, joyous Messengers of Heaven, are on a mission to reveal the Light of Heavenly Love in all situations. My Loving Kindness is in the habit laying the truth about the worthiness of all Life.

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