Loving Sparks In Your Eyes Stand Out For Me

Loving Sparks In Your Eyes

To hope till hope transforms becomes easier when your beautiful smile shines upon me, when the loving sparks in your eyes inure my heart to dreariness.

From their own wreck, thoughts darker than night transform to light bursting forth from my eyes.

I am now my own star, a star you helped create with your kindness.

The gift and the giver are one. I hold your gift in my heart where you truly are.

Burdens that weighed me down, I lost them among the radiance of your smile.

Images that tormented me, they fizzled away among the singing of your kind words.

Among the loving sparks in your eyes, where darkness die and hope is born, I lose myself.

Out in the light, with you, let me be.

Continue looking at me with those quiet eyes, how beautiful they are. Across my heart, their rays pour and pour.

I’ve heard birds singing to celebrate a brand new dawn, but the fairest song I’ve ever heard is the kindness singing in your words.

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