Macro Patience and Micro Speed creates success.


Cultivate promptness and steadfastness in making your decisions. Steer away from vacillating back and forth.

Rise above the comparison paradigm; dwelling on what somebody else has, robs you of quality time for creating something better for yourself.

Allow your patience to secure to you tolerance of setbacks and adversities that are part of the growth process. Macro patience and micro speed creates the success track.

Trauma simply reveals that the voice of your current belief system is no longer persuasive, and hands you an opportunity to change them. In that void of the unknown, the intervening space between where you are and where you want to be, is where you can pick up the pieces of your life and scale-up your belief system to a more empowering octave.

Tune up your behavior to match your intentions. When your actions harmonize with your thoughts, when you embody an idea of empowerment in physical action, the end-product of that experience is an emotion of success. When you replicate those steps or processes of success, over and over again, that it becomes second nature to you, that you no longer have to think about it, that it becomes so easy for you, you move yourself into a state of being, where mind and body are working together, and you begin to teach your body to memorize the emotion of success. The quantum field or universal principle responds to who we are being and externalizes our state of being. Success will find those who are in a state of being connected to empowerment. Moving from thinking to doing, and to being, is evolution, the process that leads to empowerment.

Taking to a project or an endeavor with passion will bring out your latent abilities, shore-up your confidence and enable you to transcend certain beliefs of inadequacy.

Hours of deliberate practice yield proficiency.

Look beyond the discomfort of learning,the discomfort of failure, and behold the shining light of success that is encouraging you to transcend all your obstacles and claim it.

To make mistakes, and to learn from it, is to move forward; have the courage to try new things.

The body has limitations; the mind is free of limitations. Everything begins in the mind. If you are not mentally ready, you are never physically prepared. A certain gift nestles inside every individual; it’s your duty to find that gift and decide whether you’re going to act on it or not. What you don’t see in the mirror, what you are not willing to see, the dis-empowering beliefs, are holding you back. When you finally acknowledge, accept, and decide to work on it, then you can move to the next level.

You are your own biggest asset; you’ve got all kinds of potentials. Invest in yourself and follow your passion. Get out of bed every morning with excitement.

Radiate so much brilliance that they can’t ignore you.

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