Mastering Your Direction As A Leader.


To make greater impact, you need great influence. Influence is what galvanizes people to follow you as a leader.

Leadership is about influencing people to believe in, and follow you, while management focuses on maintaining systems and processes.

Moving people in a new direction requires leadership. Leadership is influence.

A good leader does not allow his direction to master him; he masters his direction.

Leaders have a clear vision for their destination, and are very much aware of the human and material resources required for success. They recognize obstacles long before they appear on his path. He sees before others do.

Successes highlight our capabilities in view of certain gifts and talents, while failures reveal our wrong assumptions and flawed methods.

A good leader is aware of the cost of commitments to himself and others, before making them. A positive attitude is a big plus for navigating for others.

A navigation template includes: Planning a Course of Action in Advance, Highlighting your Goals, Refining your Priorities, Galvanizing Key Personnel, Allowing Time for Acceptance, Proceeding into Action, Anticipating and weighing Problems, Allowing Successes to be a Source of Inspiration, and Systematic and Daily Review of Plans.

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