Keeping to a steady course and diverging neither to the left nor to the right, my Heart loves you.

Smiling and coming by Love, we get between our Hearts, Love’s blazing Light. The much we feel in our Hearts still transcends the stirrings of our imagination. We have given ourselves over to the task of doing what Love is truly about. Our Hearts have given denial to winds that howl with an angry bent and bared their bosoms to glimpses that would make us less forlorn. My Heart loves you within the call of beautiful feelings.

Fairest of smiles that pour on me soft influences, shine on for the sake of my Heart. Let your sunny hues and fair forms beat back the advance of gloom until it relents and departs from us.

Amidst the uninhibited dance of our Hearts, our feelings, healed and beside, gives the event to the benign touch of Love and beauty. In a language, quaint and eternal, our feelings start out to describe our Hearts that do shine in Love’s Firmament. My Heart loves you to call to account all that is not for Love.

The clarity of our rosy future gave a shove to us into a skill greater than that of seers of old. Like burning stars which our Hearts well behold, pictures of our unblemished future accept reality from shores eternal and resplendent.

The revelation of our future strings along besides our Hearts; wonderful and dazzling is that revelation. In the care of beautiful thoughts, my Heart loves you.

Truth to adore, my Heart loves you to a distraction. To mention that Truth written all over this great reality of ours is to make evident our own creation of Joy.

Our feelings, faithful and far-seeing, see gorgeous blossoms flaunting to the eye of Love.

Our Hearts edged with softened eternal lining snatches a beauty beyond the reaches of our imagination and nurtures brilliant hopes. My Heart loves you, not for you to be in my debt, but to demonstrate that there is nothing to sacrifice since Love is our Eternal Heritage.

With a devotion to Love, our desires woven in an enchanting golden Light gives off to entertain no idle thoughts.

Everywhere about us, the gifts of our feelings are shining and preaching what is reminding us that Love has been reborn in our Hearts. MyHeart loves you in order to ascend into Light.

None but the brave deserves the tender Bud of Love opening to beauty. The emblem of our Love renewed, now wears the Semblance of Eternity.

Moved by our feelings that breathe along, our Hearts behold no passerby in the mould of a lonely thought capable of sabotaging our lovely Edifice of Love. My Heart loves you by Eternal design, not by accident.

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