Oprah Winfrey inspiration strings together nuggets of wisdom that get up fires of enthusiasm to motivate us into greater success and fulfilment. The timeless messages in her words are codified below.

The way through the challenge is to be still and ask yourself “what is the next right move.” Scattering your attention into different directions and being overwhelmed by several options is not helpful. From the space where you answer the afore-mentioned crucial question, you can now proceed step by step, moment by moment, into a series of right moves that will get fulfilment to stop over with you.

Your life is bigger than any one moment. Come round to a belief that you are not defined by what another term as a failure for you; failure is there to point you in a different direction. Oprah Winfrey inspiration coexists with the notion of expansiveness, not limitedness.

Luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. Thus, to give life to luck in your experience is to be prepared to handle that moment of opportunity. For every single one of us, every specific thing that has ever happened in our lives is preparing us for an auspicious moment that is to come. Oprah Winfrey inspiration advocates working on oneself in order to prepare for that moment of opportunity that would help in keeping luck in.

Free yourself from the past and embrace the present where your Wholeness is. You don’t have to hold yourself hostage to who you used to be or anything that you have ever done; who has lived and hasn’t made mistakes? Reminiscing about the follies of her youthful life, how she gave over her power to men who didn’t mean well for her, Oprah took a good measure of the responsibilities for her mistakes and embraced the wisdom of not bearing grudges. Instead, she learned from her mistakes and avoided making the same mistakes again.

The paramount thing that you have to do is to work on yourself, to fill yourself up, to keep your cup full and to keep yourself full. Oprah comes in here to buttress on this notion: “I used to be afraid particularly for people to say, ‘oh! She is so full of herself,’ but now I embrace it; I consider it a compliment that I’m full of myself; that I’m full; that I’m overflowing; that my cup runneth over. It is only when you’re full that you can give. I have so much to give; I’m not afraid of honouring myself; it’s miraculous when you think about it.”

In any situation, the way to step up your game is not to worry about the other guy. You cannot control the other guy; you only have control over yourself. Turning to Oprah Winfrey inspiration that reinforces this idea, you will behold her words as follows: “so, it’s like running a race. The energy that it takes to look back and see where the other guy is, is energy that takes away from you. If the guy is too close, it scares you. Don’t waste your time in the race looking back to see where the other guy is or what the other guy is doing. It’s not about the other guy; it’s about what you can do. You just need to run that race as hard as you can; you need to give it everything you’ve got all the time.”

What truly counts is your expectations and dreams, transforming into intuitively-held beliefs, not what others expect or desire for you. Oprah Winfrey turned away from her grandmother’s expectation of her to be a maid, like herself and embraced her own greater dreams. She opted to pursue a life that resonated with her dreams of becoming more than a maid. She nurtured a deep-seated intuitive belief that her dreams would surely come to pass. She held on to that greater dream for the longest of time.


You will connect easily with others when you understand that all of us are seeking the same thing: to fulfil the highest, truest expression of ourselves as human beings. Since we are seeking the same thing, there is really no difference between all of us. Although we variously choose to be a baker, teacher or whatever endeavour that plays to individual talents, we are still the same because we are using our various professions or vocations to express the highest version of ourselves.

Your immediate goal should be to figure out your life purpose if you are not aware of it yet. Wandering aimlessly without a fulfilling purpose will be your sentence if you fail to carry out this crucial task. After assessing your peculiar thinking and behavioural patterns and tendencies and discovering what you are supposed to be doing, you need to get on with the business of doing just that.

Allow others to see themselves in you. Your willingness to understand and to be understood, to connect with others and to show compassion will turn you into a mirror that reflects the Wholeness and Worthiness of others. Assuming that non-judgemental stance means that you are doing some consciousness work, that you’re grounded, that you’re awake and that you’re coming from a centred, focused place.

To be successful is to reach that point where you are absolutely comfortable with yourself. Whatever material things that you’ve acquired are of no consequence if you lack the ability to say  “no” and not feel guilty about it. Oprah chimes in here: “the greatest success that I’ve achieved is to have that kind of internal strength and internal courage to say ‘no,’ I will not let you treat me this way; I demand only the best for myself. The same thing that prevents you from being abused as a child also allows you to build success for yourself. You’re worthy to say ‘no” even if others don’t like you in the process. The important thing is how you feel about what you’re doing and how you feel about yourself. It’s a long struggle.”

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe. Growing up as a little girl on a little farm, Oprah did not allow the poverty that surrounded her to deter her from her dreams of a better, greater life. That dream was also a strong feeling that she allowed herself to follow. She talks about the secret of her success with the following words: “I understand that there’s a power greater than myself that rules my life. In life, if you can be still long enough in all of your endeavours, in the good times and in the bad times, you will connect yourself to the Source; I call It God; others call It the Universe, All that Is, the Force. When you allow the energy that is your personality to be connected to the greater Force or God, anything is possible for you. I’m the proof of that. Oprah Winfrey inspiration brings to our minds the notion that a background of poverty is not a barrier to success or a fulfilling life.

Your legacy is every life that you’ve touched. Great philanthropic moments are not the only things that make a huge difference in our world. How one uses his or her life every day to be a light to others also counts a great deal. To carry in thoughts of Hope, wellbeing and Wholeness for others is at the heart of Oprah Winfrey inspiration.

The true masters are those who know how to rejoice in the good times, how to have faith in the bad times and how to keep going and never quit.

Pursue the idea of being yourself without allowing your mistakes to discourage you. Learn to be a better person through the lessons in your mistakes

When people reveal themselves to you the first time, believe them. Mistreatment or a lack of integrity coming from another cannot be rationalised away; such ill behaviours are likely to reappear in the future to haunt or hurt you.

Live your life from the point of view of the truth and you will survive anything, even death.

Your life is always speaking to you in a manner that you can understand, through the people interacting with you, your circumstances and experiences. Every single person that you encounter, no matter his or her station has something meaningful to teach you, something that you could use to grow yourself into the best of yourself. Our number one job is to become more of ourselves and to grow ourselves into the best of ourselves.

To focus on what you have will truly convince you that the universe is abundant and will also draw more abundance into your life. If you continue to give energy to the habit of focusing on what you don’t have, you will never have enough. Be grateful; keep a gratitude journal; every night, list out five occurrences of your day that you’re grateful for.

Oprah Winfrey inspiration can waft us over to success and fulfilment when it’s essence of honouring our inherent worthiness and those of others, cherishing hard work and expressing gratitude are embraced.



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