Overlighting Of Divine Joy And Peace.


O Mighty Eternal Light, Thou precious gift from God, take hold of my energy and thoughts, and make them all secure in Love and Peace. Thank You.

I Am! I Am! I Am free; no fetters hold me back. I Am the Fullness of Love’s Law of Giving, soothing every heart that harbors denial, and supplying every lack. Amen that shatters human pall.

Mighty Victorious Light of God within me, hold my hands and inspire me. Let the Divine Love in my mind be the wings that will raise all creation. Thank You.

I AM the Power of Infinite Love, amplifying this Love through the Grace of the Living Christ, until it is Victorious world without end. Amen.

O Lord God Almighty, seal the luminous rays of contact between my heart and Thine Own, and now let flow the overlighting of Divine Joy and Peace. Make me stable and worthy to receive Thy Divine Energies manifesting Your Almightiness. Thank You.

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