Positive self belief, a belief in yourself and your abilities, is the foundation of success. Your values get up as your most deeply held general thoughts and feelings, while your beliefs are the specific opinions you have about your self and particular people, situations, things, or ideas. In summary, beliefs are the specific attitudes that stem from your values. For instance, if ambition is one of your values, you may nurture the belief that further education is crucial to success. Values thrilling to helpfulness may lead you to a belief that doing volunteer work in your community is a right to thing to do. Our values are often shaped by family, friends, religion, culture, school and society at large. The values relating to the importance of cooperation could be learned in a family setting where each member is expected to shoulder some of the chores. Also, a father, mother or guardian could set to a child what it means to exemplify the values of kindness to all, regardless of race or station in life, by being kind to all and focusing on inner qualities and strength rather than external appearances. Your confidence in and respect for your own abilities make a point for positive self belief . Our positive self belief are aspects of ourselves that are resilient to difficulties, even if we are emotionally, physically and economically hurt. To succeed in life, you need to consistently commit all your resources to achieving your goals. Positive self belief will empower you to galvanize all your emotional, intellectual, physical and social potential to actualise your plans or goals. Success is not only marked by fame and awards, but it also touches on feeling of worth and good relationship with others. To entrench and strengthen within us a positive self belief crucial for success, the following practices are of essence.

Think in terms of future possibilities. Rather than dwelling on bad experiences, successful people focus on possibilities and work to turn them into realities. They accept the good and bad experiences as realities of life and believe that everything happens for a reason and purpose.


Apply your mind to the reasoning that failure is just a result and a prelude to learning. If the results are not to your liking, change your actions to produce new ones.

Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t blame others when something goes wrong. You can only change for the better what you are willing to accept. Furthermore, taking responsibility gauges a person’s maturity.

Learn what you need to know and don’t obsess over every detail. To use everything, it is not necessary to understand everything.

Develop a good respect and appreciation for yourself and others. The ability to cultivate good relationships is one of the foundations of a successful life. People including yourself are your greatest resource.

Engage in work that is challenging, exciting and interesting. Doing something you hate cannot draw success to you. When work is play and fun, the chances of succeeding at it becomes high.

Commit totally to a task and keep doing your best. Persistence pays off in the end.

Accept yourself and don’t expect to be perfect. Work to discover and develop your special talents and good qualities. Everyone is endowed with a unique or special talent.

Discover what gives you inner satisfaction and honours your values. Paying attention to yourself will guide you to do things that give you pleasure and enjoyment. Orienting your mind to what you enjoy prepares the ground for success.

To encourage yourself, use positive self-talk peppered with ā€œIā€ statements and couched in the present tense. To make the most of your abilities is something achievable with a positive mental attitude. Successful people cultivate the habit of telling themselves that they will succeed.

Try new things in order to reach your potential. Remember that failure is just a result, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

Remember that you are special. Your set of capabilities and talents is unique to you. Your unique personality is defined by your values, beliefs and emotions, and the way you act upon them.

Take action towards achieving your dreams and goals. To succeed at something boosts your positive self belief. You can only make progress by taking positive action. The improved positive self-belief from your success gives you more impetus to take further action. The process of boosting your positive self belief is a cyclical one. A remarkable character like Mahatma Gandhi demonstrated a strong positive self-belief that enabled him to nurture a popular mass movement. His coalition grew strong enough to eventually topple the British colonial powers.

Don’t allow yourself to be persuaded into victimhood by negative beliefs. To be a victim is to operate from a position of weakness and to feel that you are not smart or strong enough to take charge of your own life. As you label yourself a victim, you unwittingly choose to allow things to happen to you and to allow others to control you. A victim frequently stumbles along and tolerates negative thinking that will harm the quality of his or her life. When you habitually nurture varied forms of positive self belief, rather than indulging in negative thinking, you will change your behaviour and your life for good.


An enabling belief or positive self belief helps you to focus on the necessary actions required to accomplish a goal. The self confidence and persistence to succeed are often founded on a positive self belief. To accomplish what you set your mind to, you need to believe in your self. A positive self belief motivates you to coalesce your emotional, intellectual, social and physical potential into a potent force for success.



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