Beloved God, do Your wonderful loving and find my faithful prayer for Hope worthy of Your attention.

Heavenly Father, Source of all that is good, great and true and all that is, and is to be, let my hopes newer, brighter than before, dawn with Your Mercies every day. Bestow on me a privilege that coaxes the declining rays of the sun to become forerunners for celestial hopes destined to be mine. My humble prayer for Hope stands in expectation of Your nurturing.


Fill me with Hope Divine. Grant that I, though toiling here, may in Spirit being Thine, see and hear hope everywhere.

I love to hear the Robin singing, perched on the highest bough. Its carefree song of gratitude stirs me into an optimism that only You Lord can grant, an optimism that caters to unsullied Hopes.

Almighty Father, the eternal Lover of my Spirit, make me a friend of Hope Eternal. Reclothe me in the rightful Mind that enfranchises me to embrace the resplendent Hopes that You’ve placed inside my Mind.

When my heart is breaking under sorrow’s iron rod, all the sorrow and all the aching wring with a pain that still does not leave me hopeless, for I AM an open door to eternal currents of Divine Hope.

I AM welcoming the Light of Divine Hope streaming through me now, Fiery Energy in motion that transmutes the fog of my depression into constructive Light.

Beloved God, work Your sovereign Will through me now and treasure up Divine Hope in my Heart forever.

I now take on fresh courage, for the clouds that I dread are big with Divine Hope and Mercy purposed to break in blessings over me.

I judge not You Lord with a feeble human sense but trust You completely for Your Grace and the Hope that You instil in me. Behind an unsettling providence, Your smiling face peeks out and enlivens the Hope that You nurture within me.

God’s Grace contrived a way to save my mind rebellious in fear, and make me immune to blind unbelief sure to err.

Dear God, strengthen me to always tread the Heavenly Road to Hope’s wonderous plan.

I sing the Almighty Power of God that built the lofty Skies of Hope inside my Mind.

I sing the Goodness of God that gives occasion to Hope in the challenging times of my life.

I sing the Wisdom of God that ordained Divine Hope to rule in the stead of despair.

Dear Lord, thank You for answering my humble prayer of Hope and lending me a foundation of eternal Joy.

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