Reactions Mirror Beliefs

Your reactions point to the beliefs you harbour in your mind .

Listen to your emotions, your reaction to the world around you, the end-product of your experience.

Your reactions and perceptions point to the beliefs you harbour  in your mind. That idea of unworthiness or empowerment you project upon your brother or sister, fits perfectly inside your mind.

Allow the the light of your awareness to shine into the nooks and crevices of your mind; let it unearth all beliefs that no longer serve you.

Self-awareness breeds self-discipline, and enables you to strengthen the cords of light that bind you to your relationships, to build on your strengths, and to compensate for your weaknesses.

When the oppressive clime of a difficult situation surrounds you, turn inwards; you have the inner resources to be firm, calm, and compassionate in the face of travails.

Being accommodating and authentic at all times leads to a steady accretion of the idea of love in your mind, a magnet for all round empowerment.





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