I Am The Sacred Fire of Life Without Opposites

Loving Divine within, my thoughts, like the rolling clouds, bear the light of my Love and Gratitude to you. Let your Sacred Fire of Life, without opposites, take up my cause of perfection.

My loving thoughts do not fly forgotten, as though fleeting wishes. My mind as your temple remembers them and recreates them anew in Your Power.

Since I am Yours and You are Mine forever, I lack nothing. I am in high favour of the Sacred Fire of Life.

I flow with Ease and Grace.

My mind saturated with Streams of Your Living Grace, I blaze on, moonlight piercing the darkness of the night, shining forth invincibly.

I Am cosmically invincible.

Sacred Fire of Life

I am picturing only that which is the Divine made manifest, Good blessing all Life.

In truth, I Am a co-creator with the Divine.

Away from all illusions, I Am the Essence of the Power of the Sacred Fire of Life that creates perfection.

Infinite Love that beats my heart, my Mind is Your pure chalice overflowing with Your infinite unfailing Goodness. A Goodness that makes me sing Your praise within Your house forever.

I Am the Altar of eternal Peace, showing off my Mantle of Love’s Light.

While the Streams of Light within my Mind glitter, my thoughts take up their wondrous tales. My thoughts utter forth a glorious truth proclaiming that the Hand that made Me is of the Divine.

Glorious Divine, feed my hopes with Heavenly Fire, make them fair like Thee.

My Spirit calls forth Your Beauty into all situations, that I may go free from all earthly care and vain oppression.

Sacred Fire of Life, clarify my Golden Mantle of Love’s Light, that I, all blest and free, may know myself as Love eternally.

Take me into Thy Possession now and forever.

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