Self-motivation Techniques That Boost Productivity

Self-motivation TechniquesSelf-motivation Techniques 2

Self-motivation techniques prime us to work harder and push ourselves more. This attitude helps us to discover the best uses of our energy, intellect, and time, to gain the most meaningful rewards. Advantage to, we overcome setbacks faster, and enjoy higher levels of confidence, income, happiness, and life-satisfaction.

The following Self-motivation Techniques Boost Our Productivity

1. See Your Tasks As Choices, Not Commands

Choices provide us with a sense of autonomy and self-determination. The motivation to accomplish difficult tasks awakens within when those tasks are presented as decisions or choices, not commands. When we feel a sense of control, when we feel like we are in charge, we trigger with ease the will to act. To buttress further, this instinct for control, drives us to make choices. Each choice reinforces the perception of control and self-efficacy.

Further with, you demonstrate this sense of control by choosing to reply an email from the middle of your inbox, instead of the beginning. Writing the conclusion first before the introduction. Choosing the venue of a meeting.

2. Cultivate The Belief That You Are The Architect Of Your Destiny

The belief that we influence our destiny through our choices, stimulates us to take responsibility for our success or failure. In tow, we keep from assigning responsibilities to things outside our influence. To continue with, appreciating our hard work or praising ourselves for it, not dwelling on our talents or smarts, strengthens this belief. In addition, the belief motivates us to take on more challenging tasks and work harder at it.

3. Break Your Goals Into Short-term Concrete Steps

Dream big and stretch. Go for goals that at first glance seem impossible, goals like starting a company, writing a book or running a marathon. Then, start breaking it into short-term concrete steps. These specific, short-term steps, often known as proximal goals, lead us to bigger success. In line with, making progress for the day, for the week, means accomplishing our daily proximal goals. Our proximal goals add up to the bigger goal or long-term objective. Of a truth, paying attention to our proximal goals bestirs us to self-motivation techniques.

Making An Effective “To-do” List

Fundamentals to note with, our daily “to-do” list stands more effective with proximal goals, than with easy items to cross off to repair our mood. In plain, breaking a big objective into small manageable parts galvanizes us forward.

4. Ask Yourself “Why” When You Start A New Or Unpleasant Task

When we start asking “why,” small tasks become aspects of larger meaningful values, goals projects, projects that we believe in and want to achieve. Why are we pushing ourselves to walk away from the television or tablet? Why is it important to read that book or take that course? Self-motivation flourishes when we realise that the immediate tasks that need doing is part of something bigger and more emotionally rewarding.

5. Specify, In Advance, Actions You Intend To Take When Obstacles Arise

This practice adds a dose of realism to your positive imaginings. As well, it enables you to become a dreamer and doer since it stimulates you to stay committed to your proximal goals, the short-term steps to your major objective or goal.

6. Never Stop Thinking About What You Need To Do, To Love What You Do More

You need to love what you do, for low levels of career interest prdict low life enjoyment. Further with, your job not only defines possibilities for you, but it also defines you to some extent. On this wise, consider this question. What would you do if the job you have right now paid you the least amount of money you could possibly live on? If you would still want the job, then you are in the right line of work; if not, you are not.

7. Pay Attention To Those Who Have Succeeded

As you study others’ paths to success, you construct a reality of the world around you, a reality in which success is possible.

8. Give Thanks Everyday

Thanksgiving features as one of the most important creative capacities of our minds. It starts us developing a deep joy in living, no matter the circumstance. This joy is akin to motivation that drives us forward

What we do defines us and the possibilities open to us, to an extent. Parallel to, self-motivation techniques stimulate us to take full advantage of our opportunities, and boost our productivity and life-satisfaction.


  • A “To-do” list is great, I like jotting things down that need to get completed and then going back to reorganize it from most important to least important. I have also started a 1, 2, 3 technique, in my planner, I write down 3 things that I need to complete in a day and usually that gives me motivation to get them done. Great list of motivation techniques.

  • The most important thing that we should possess in achieving our goals is our motivation. And we have to make sure that we keep fueling the fire, because if we don’t, we can lose it along the way and may may mean not completing what we have already started.

  • It is sometimes hard to get self motivated when there is so much to do. I like the tip on breaking it down into smaller goals. That might help me get more things done

  • Gratitude. It’s one of the things that we forget to have nowadays. If we are grateful of the small things, we can do so much more. I love how you share these tips here. Hope many will read this especially during these difficult times.

  • Motivation and gratitude are both so important!
    I also like to make a to-do list, which is ever changing, but I try to knock off the hardest or most daunting task first thing. Then the rest is a breeze!

  • Your post is very refreshing. Even though we all know self-motivation techniques, it always good to read posts like yours to remind yourself what you need do on a daily basis and continuously uplift yourself.

  • Thank you for these. They seem genuinely affirmative and positive; I already feel a bit better having read them. I will put them into practice as best I can.

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