Take Control Of Your Life: The Basics

Take control of your life by making persistent efforts to change. Of a truth, the self is a process. To a certainty, you are always in the process of becoming. The steps below will support you to take control of your life and experience more fulfillment.

1. Be Vigilant To The Ideas You Admit Into Your Mind

To a fact, individuals often adopt ideas about themselves from the people and culture around them. Furthermore, as we interact with others, we learn how they see us and often internalise their perspectives of us. Hence, with the process of internal dialogues or self-talk, we entrench those perspectives or labels inside us, such that how we see ourselves captures the image of us reflected in others’ eyes. For good, it pays to allow into our minds only empowering perspectives that thrill to our Wholeness.

2. Beware Of The Prophecy That You Are Bringing Into Being With Your Actions 

A self-fulfilling prophecy is acting in ways that bring about the actualization of our expectation or judgement of ourselves.

3. Avoid Labelling Yourself As Others Do 

When we label ourselves as others do, we import and subsequently internalise their perspectives of us; we thus label ourselves as they do. For example, a Self-fulfilling prophecy is highlighted in a situation where a student performs well under an inspiring teacher; and poorly, under an insensitive teacher. In earnest, take control of your life by being mindful of untrue labels projected by others upon you.

Take Control Of Your Life

4. Commit To Rewriting Self-Sabotaging Scripts

To take control of your own life, you should endeavour to understand the influences and labels that currently shape it. First, write out explicit messages from others that tend to stick encumbering labels to you. Then, commit to rewriting the scripts clearly and affirmatively. In addition, identify your positive aspects and accomplishments through to give believability to your affirmative declarations. In general, invest energy and keep making effort to change, for the self is a process.

Take control of your life, for good, and become more intentional with your thoughts and actions. More fulfilllment meets you in that process.

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