The Tale of Love began as a murmur in my Heart but has now fanned into a whirlwind of sorts that keeps my Heart astir in Love.

The excitation of my Heart got on for that Tale of Love as Love laid another feast for my Heart new-born in Joy.

My Heart finds the so-called big things of the world quite brittle, as my feelings caught the infection of a Tale of Love, for nothing big can abide in temporariness. Let the simple things that gladden my Heart remain there forever and form a temple that delights fully with Love and Light. That illustrious Temple of my Heart gets the better of a stone temple that is plagued by the ills of temporariness.

The majestic loving Light that overlooks my Heart along the pleasing path of eternity charms me with its Grace and elegant Beauty.

My iridescent thoughts, whose base is the Love of my Heart, called up a renewed empowering Tale of Love and began to nurture a cluster of golden moments for the beautiful One whose smile has come to me. There is no straining of my imagination to glimpse distant joyful moments, for that Joy is already here with us. It is all tranquil and reposeful for we have gotten in the Harvest of True Love; there is nothing to feed a fret or worry anymore.

We shall continue to ride the Success of Love that emits a sweet fragrance. How the heady Fragrance of our Love incurs the jealousness of the scented blooming flower is something beyond us.

One moment of our life crowded to suffocation with glorious loving actions and risks thrilling to Love is a Blessing worth cherishing without ceasing. Every moment we spend together sees us coming home to our Hearts and to the wonderful greetings of a Tale of Love.

Whitened on a lovely pedestal, our Hearts lull on a wonder of loveliness.

The Heart that loves me still perceives the holy thoughts in my own Heart as they star in episodes of eternal happenings. What dimension gives a title to my thoughts? It is only one that transcends the past, the present and the future; eternity is where we belong with our Love.

One single Moment of Love is worth more than a year-long moment of ordinary existence. What an enchanting Tale of Love cannot fan into a blaze of goodness is no longer present in our Hearts.

Let us give our all to a single moment of ecstasy so that our history studded with our yearnings will be reborn in the refreshing Light of Love.

A Tale of Love runs through from my Heart to Yours. How is it possible to select One and say: “You are the loveliest.”

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