For all good, holding with timeless entrepreneurial wisdom as those enumerated below will fetch a breath of relief for aspiring and engaged entrepreneurs.

To continue with, do something that you are very passionate about. Chasing after the hot passion of the day in order to score some fast numbers in profit will not tide you over the long-run. Often times, it is hard and challenging out there and most rational people will be tempted to give up, but if you love what you’re doing and if you’re having fun doing it, you won’t easily give up.

Just go and do it. If you fail, there will be some learning to take to your next experience. Frequently, learning follows in the wake of failure. Timeless entrepreneurial wisdom is more about learning than getting stuck in your comfort zone.

Starting is one of the hardest things to do. The way to begin is to get the idea out of your head by talking about it, programming something if you are a programmer or building something if you are oriented in that direction. In full sail, timeless entrepreneurial wisdom speaks the part of nurturing ideas mentally and and then proceeding with timely positive action.

Do not expend excessive energy in a bid to avoid mistakes because making lots of mistakes will be inevitable as you pursue your dreams. The important things are to learn quickly from whatever mistakes that are obvious and not to give up. Nothing is impossible; you have to keep running through your obstacles or challenges. The courage not to give up in the face of adversity is something that can be cultivated although the process can be painful. Genius without courage will not get you where you want to go. To give sail to success, timeless entrepreneurial wisdom insists on your cultivating courage.

Don’t let people who you respect and believe are knowledgeable to discourage and talk you out of your dreams. Every now and then, the people who tell you to keep it down are those who don’t have the courage to dream.

Success holds with people who look for great ideas to make money. What they really love to do, what they are excited about, what they know something about and what is interesting and compelling to them are things that they explore passionately in search of great ideas.

You are more likely to succeed when you work on something that will make a very big difference and add real value to people’s lives. It may be difficult to accomplish such an enterprise but the energy and passion that you bring along will bear a helping hand. Timeless entrepreneurial wisdom, effective for its emphasis on emotional investment and passion, will put you on the right scent of success.

The chances of failing are higher if you’re doing something that you don’t love. Without emotional investment in what you are doing, failure is guaranteed.


Spend as much time as possible with people who have accomplished what you are striving to attain. Timeless entrepreneurial wisdom preaches the importance of seeking out a mentor.

Cultivate a mindset that questions everything including the status quo to discover a better way of doing and making things. In view of your current resources and capabilities, get yourself and your people up to think beyond the usual way of doing things and seek for a newer more rewarding way. Timeless entrepreneurial wisdom beats up a path for novelty.

It is wise to keep in view the problem to be solved by a particular new idea. The practice of codifying or cataloguing the entire events of your typical day often reveals problems capable of inviting in viable ideas.

Push yourself to come up with at least ten ideas every day in order to keep your idea muscle alive and prevent it from going into atrophy. Engaging in this practice for a period of about six months will likely turn you into a sort of machine that spews forth ideas.

You have to make converts out of people and convince them that you are in the best position to transform your idea into a viable product or service. You have to factor in the fact that people often demonstrate a lack of interest in the ideas of others. Timeless entrepreneurial wisdom tasks you to do some work, building up your confidence and optimism.

If your belief is strong enough, you will draw others to your cause or idea. For good, you need to surround yourself with people who are willing to believe in your product or service before they physically witness it. This timeless entrepreneurial wisdom recognises the importance of building up a team around people who share a harmonious faith in your idea or product.

To gain good ground, create a business that is ubiquitous or without limit. To conveniently scale up your business and realise its perceived value, let your product or service be something that most businesses or consumers find useful.

The quickest way to success is to build something that the world really needs. It pays to focus on solving a big problem.

The degree to which you and your organisation adhere to your core values determines the degree to which you and your organisation will be successful in the long-term. You have to be clear about the purpose or cause that you and your organisation serves. How you do things is different from why you do things. Why you and your people do things is illuminated by the purpose or beliefs on which your organisation is founded. The purpose of an organisation is defined by its core values, behaviours or principles that you and your people religiously adhere to. Making profit is not part of this purpose. A company that is committed to its core values is willing to hire and fire based on the principles served by their values. An organisation disciplining itself around its core values thrills to timeless entrepreneurial wisdom.

You create actual competitive advantage around your idea by assembling intelligence around it, not by secreting it away in your mind. Such intelligence includes how to constitute the right team and how to ascertain where the emotion or passion is greatest. Talking to supportive people about your idea is often helpful in gathering useful intelligence.

You don’t have to be the best to build on an idea and show your concept to the world. Certain people will be drawn to the idea that you have conceptualized and end up taking it and making it even better.

A good product or service maximizes the probability of solving a problem for a customer. The best methodology is to start with a perfect experience for a single customer; and then scale it up to something great for the entire generality of customers.

Constantly seek criticism. A well thought out critique of whatever you’re doing will help you to make the best of your way. It is constructive to seek criticism from your friends and others. Timeless entrepreneurial wisdom advocates the accommodation of other’s points of view in order to expand your options.

Create a big advantage for yourself and your organisation by utilising an online community. Joining an online community not only enables you to have access to good valuable feedback on your ideas and the things that you’re working on, but it also exposes you to the useful experiences of others.

Don’t underestimate anyone that you come across to. A blue collar worker waiting for a bus, a bartender or a lower ranking employee can offer you valuable learning that you can keep on hand. Smart leaders seek and enrich themselves the diverse opinions of others.

Make something that people want. Being in denial over the failure of your product or service to meet customer needs is not helpful.

Don’t let others describe what you are doing. Don’t listen to the voices of hate and denigration that have nothing constructive to offer. Listening to unproductive negative feedback is often a deterrent to prototyping things. In good truth, timeless entrepreneurial wisdom advises you to be selective in the voices that you listen to.

Test your ideas rigorously throughout the project development and marketing process, even as you scale up. A way to do this is to create the smallest possible task for your idea, theory or concept and then get the resulting product out there for customers to use. Customers are the ones that will tell you if your product is working or not.

It is right to solve small problems in layers, first. Doing this enables you to build up the proper capacity and momentum to scale up and make a dent on the universe or change the world.

In good earnest, do something exceptional for your users. Give your customers an exceptional experience in product design, customer service and user community. Giving your customers an exceptional experience is worth making the core part of why you are doing business.

Build an audience and influence by spending your money on teaching and sharing. Writing and talking about things that are relevant to your industry, not about yourself all the time, will help you to build an audience and become an influencer in your industry.

As a founder, you need to realise that you can’t do everything; and even if you can, you shouldn’t. To make the best of your idea, timeless entrepreneurial wisdom encourages you to recognise the importance of partnership and cooperation.

If you praise and give people positive attention, they will flourish and thrive. As a leader in your company, you have to be a great listener and a great motivator, and you have to be very good in praising and seeing the best in others. In short, your job as a leader is to be an assistant to the rest of your company and ensure that your people have all the things they need to be effective.

You have to be comfortable with the varied external circumstances that are outside your control, that will determine the success of your idea. The questions whether the economy is right for your kind of product or service, whether you will meet the right people who will finance your business, cannot be answered with all certainty.

Open-mindedness and flexibility are qualities worth cultivating. With the original vision for your ideas or products in your full view, you need to be open to changes that will optimise their value to your customers. In years to come, your success will partly depend on constructive flexibility advocated by timeless entrepreneurial wisdom.

Pragmatic pessimism has a place in the entrepreneurial scheme of things. It entails defining all the worst case scenarios in terms of financial loss, time loss and other probable losses and then looking at what you’ll learn if any of the losses becomes an eventuality. You need to come to terms with the likely outcomes before you ever start. To fail to do this is to engage the world with rose-coloured glasses and increase your chances of being demoralized and quitting when you encounter a first hiccup or obstacle.

Make sure you take care of yourself. The entrepreneurial process often involves a long period of pain and difficulty. During that process, make sure you take care of your mental and physical health.

The timeless entrepreneurial wisdom bears a helping hand that cannot be ignored by engaged and aspiring entrepreneurs.




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