To Love Is To Behold Your Beloved As Blameless.


Your journey to Love is a journey without distance, because Love is who you are.

To become truly forgiving is to become right-minded, to look beyond the illusion of wrong-mindedness, and to awaken right-mindedness in your brother.

To Love is to behold your beloved as blameless.

Your identity is Love, and it is shared by your brothers and sisters. That sharing affirms your True Reality.

When you extend and awaken Love within your brother, you strengthen your belief and perception of yourself as a being of Love.

Because you have chosen to awaken Love in others, their gratitude and appreciation of what you have given them, will teach you the value of Love.

Love is returned, but pride is not returned, because it is not shared.

Love is whole and cannot be known by a mind split by illusions of lack and unworthiness.

True ownership of Love lies in sharing Love.

Love someone now, and fill your mind and hers with riches far beyond time.

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