Extravagant Vistas of Eternity are releasing their goodness upon me beyond all bounds.

Beloved God of Immortality, fill me with Your Presence with such an intensity that inspires me to press my thoughts together in Charity without ceasing. Grant that the Life-imparting fruit of my thoughts may never lose their savour. I AM a Symbol of that Abundance which, at Your bidding, flowed from Thee and is there for me always because I trust Thee completely. I AM the Joy of Abundance, demonstrating my Abundance by forgiving all Life. Along the path that greets Vistas of Eternity, I AM the Joy of Forgiveness.

For the most part, my Feelings sparkle under the Goodness of those grand Vistas of Eternity. I bless you, Lord, for heaping on me a variety of Gifts throughout the unending succession of ages. I AM on Earth just as I AM in Heaven. I AM the Glory of God in Eternal, Immortal Manifestation. I AM the Spirit of Perfection that tortures no question about my blamelessness. I qualify my mind and body and everything in my reality with absolute perfection and refuse all else to the contrary. I act only in line with my Eternalness.

When twilight falls, the magnificent Vistas of Eternity casts its blessed Light upon me and I have no lack of Light. Your Power, Love and Wisdom shines ever so bright within me and mantles my Vision with Your Magnificent Light that nothing can tarnish. I AM the Will of God that is Light.

From among Your Treasures, You brought out the Light of my Spirit. Let the Eternal Flame of Love and Adoration for myself and all Life continue to blaze from the core of my Being with a mighty intensity until Love’s triumphant Power sings again it’s wondrous Song of Freedom.

To think, feel and remember only Love is to know that God is working through me. I am taking a lead in ushering my feelings and emotions into God‘s garden of Harmony and Balance. At Gratitude, my Mind still thrills to the glorious Vistas of Eternity.

I AM designed by the Calmness of the Divine to reflect the Vision and Voice of God.

Out in front, I AM the Serenity of God, that makes the most of the Blessings of the splendid Vistas of Eternity.

As Love that runs an endless course, I AM the unlimited Effects of Divinity without end.

Heavenly Father, set up the Canopy of my Mind and make it solid in Your Radiance. Give It eternal stability when all things human threaten to sully It. Let the dancing Stars of my Loving thoughts continue to praise Your Magnificence. Its unearthly rhythm murmurs at a fact that reveals my alignment with brilliant Vistas of Eternity.

Beloved God, Beloved Silent Watcher over me, my unseen Benefactor in the Realms of Light, let the powdery gates of illusions cease to be and remain nothing forever; let my thoughts muse over things harmonious only to those extravagant Vistas of Eternity. Thank You!

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