What Can Your Manager Do To Support You Better : 4 Basic Clues.

The question of what can your manager  do to support you better is answered  under the headings below.

1. Great Managers Have A Knack Of Glimpsing A Talent In Someone And Repositioning The Person To Effectively Harness That Talent.

Their insightful thought is that skills, knowledge and talent are distinct components of an employee’s performance. Skills and knowledge can easily be thought, while talent cannot. Available in one person, they release a very potent combination. Skills are capabilities that can be transferred from one person to another, like how to do arithmetic or perform with word or excel applications. Your knowledge is simply what you are aware of; it could be factual or experiential knowledge. Factual knowledge is the things you know, like rules of double entry bookkeeping for an accountant. Experiential knowledge is the understandings that you distil out from your past experiences, the clarity of patterns and connections, exemplified by a retail store manager who knows which product to stand out, during the holiday season, based on past customer buying patterns.Your awareness of who you are and how others perceive you together with those aspects of your life that you hold dear, your values, the critical aspects of your life that you cannot compromise, is also experiential knowledge.Talent is your recurring patterns of thought, feelings, or behaviour, like a great accountant’s innate love of precision, the recurring satisfied feelings engendered by his balanced books.

What Can Your Manager Do To Support You Better

2. As Well, They Tinker With And Change Habitual Routines And Break Traditional Boundaries.  This enables them to guide their people and other resources in new rewarding directions.  Moreover, they are creative under pressure and view chaotic conditions as routine. The attitude primes them to galvanize their people to form novel insights. Hence, part of the answer to the question of what can your manager do to support you better, revolves around flexibility and creativity.

3. On Good, They Help Their People To intepret Facts And Events. 

The interpretations motivate their people and promote organised action that adds value to the organisation. As good storytellers, they use their stories to rally and energize their people. Of a truth, they help their people to find their place in their organisation and resolve any moral dilemma.

4. To effectively Meet The Various Demands Of Their Employees, They See Themselves As A Collection Of Roles Capable Of Being Turned Off And On. 

In good earnest, this notion of multiple selves helps them to assimilate into different environments and to influence a group from the inside. In truth, effectiveness in meeting the the various needs of the employees is an added benefit. They are better able to turn off the demands of one role while focusing on another. As a result, overall effectitveness and productivity get a boost.

Thus, the answers to the question of what can your manager do to support you better, leans greatly towards empathy  and flexibility.

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