When a Mind Has Only Light.


Defending yourself will increase your fear; taking your chances will diminish it.

A beautiful smile is the only thing that can offer you freedom and hold you captive at the same time.

To nurture angry thoughts in your mind is to harbour something that does not love you.

Peace is the only language that speaks to our soul, communicating the oneness of all life.

Awareness of egotistic or fallen thoughts is the beginning of healing.

When you see someone as inadequate, you make Peace obscure to your mind.

By perceiving the changeless in your brother, you help him to undo his ego.

If you see the ego’s picture of a deprived, unloving, and vulnerable being in anyone, that picture of illusions must be you, because you believe in it.

When you accept an attack from a brother, you have joined him to perceive scarcity. A mind that accepts attack cannot love; thus you deny your abundance and that of your brother.

When a mind has only Light; it knows and experiences only Light.


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