When Love Enters the Mind


If you see the ego’s picture of a deprived, unloving, and vulnerable being in anyone, that picture of illusions must be you, because you believe in it.

You heal a brother by recognizing his worth, and whatever glory you see in him, you already posses.

Whatever you see in yourself and deny in your brother or sister is not real, because all that seemingly separates you from your brother is earthbound and unreal.

When you are poised to attack in any form, you believe that you are vulnerable, and that something has been taken from you, thus equating yourself with a body.

When you allow yourself to become a slave of the ego, it will drive you ceaselessly from one material goal to another, and you will not find true satisfaction in the ego’s ends.

True Satisfaction or Joy, which is Wholeness, comes from increasing the Love within us through extending or sharing it.

When Love enters the mind, Spirit takes over, and reveals the true blameless reality of your brother.

To perceive the Worthiness of a brother is to awaken him from his illusions, and offer a priceless gift of Love to him.

Suffering ends, and Peace enters the mind, when you extend the miracle of right-mindedness into the mind of a brother or sister.

Suffering ends when you acknowledge your inviolable, invulnerable, and your invincible nature.

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