When You Decide For Love.


You are not responsible for how well another person accepts your Love; you can only ensure how well your Love is expressed or communicated.

The same situation draws out Love from one witness, and hatred from another; therefore love or hatred is not inherent in any situation; it lies in our perceptions, and perceptions originate from ideas in the mind. What is the colour of your perceptions right now? Is it the colour of Love?

Only Love is strong because it heals your mind, and leaves it undivided.

If you look with eyes of Love, you will find Love.

Decide that you are Love, for it is who you are, and then do everything in your power to be Love.

You must truly believe that you are deserving of abundant Love, before you can give abundant Love to others.

When our mind is split between Love and the ego, we diminish our capacity to wholly experience Love.

When you decide for Love, Love will surround you.

To behold your brother or sister as blameless is to redeem your mind of guilt, and to invite Love.

Choosing to Love is the only course of action in which everybody can win.

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