By possibility of my Wings of Light, I AM now in the wake of God’s Victory in my Mind.

Heavenly Comforter, Who art everywhere present and fills all things, Treasury of all Good and Giver of Life, come and dwell in my Mind and cleanse me of all impurities. This new moment is Your abundant Grace for me. A Divine Grace that looks not at the past but only beholds me in the ever-present Light of my Wholeness that reflects on my Wings of Light.

Now, I AM a tender-conscienced expansion of the Perfection of the Beloved Presence of God “I AM” in me. I give to Heavenly Currents my Wings of Light.

My words only do the constructive and amiable because the Presence of God is speaking through me. My every word is all-sided with God’s Love, Illumination and perfection eternally sustained. I AM all the parts of God’s Holy Light.

Beloved God, the “I AM” within, consecrate my thoughts, words and deeds, to lend foundation to only Harmony and Perfection. I now behold all Life enfolded and crowned with the Golden Essence of Peace and Love. I offer unconditional Love through Patience that allows another to grow in understanding and become the full manifestation of Divine Love. My Wings of Light sets to nought illusion’s desperate attempts.


O Thou sublime Eternal Light, I, having risen from the slumber of illusion, fall down before Thee. Enlighten my Mind and open my lips that I may hymn Thee Sacred Verses of Thanksgiving, both now and unto the ages of ages. Thou hast raised me to keep the morning watch and glorify Thy Power. Enlighten my mind’s eye that I may meditate on Your thoughts and do Thy Will always.

I AM God’s indestructible Victory of Perfection without limit of all the Cosmic Supply and Abundance. My Heart beats one with God’s own Light; I draw from Heaven’s Light my Sustenance and Abundance.

I AM a custodian of the higher Truth of God that reassures me of my deep rapport with the Divine and inspires me into purposeful, fearless actions. I have given the go-by to my Wings of Light.

I AM a Bearer of all Momentums of Good for myself and all Life.

I AM the Life improving the eternal shining moments of my Joyous Peace and Happiness. I accept the limitlessness of my Mighty “I AM” Presence.

God of all Good, put me in a place of acceptance of what Your Will says and what you reveal to me; bestow upon me the Gift of being consciously cognizant of Your Divine Revelations. Inspire me to live a life fully invested in You. When fear attempts to consume me, be the Healer of that fear by Your Perfect Love, for we know It casts out all fear. Chasten my thoughts and help me not to turn back and ignore Your Will. Give me a Spirit of Acceptance and a Mind open to Your Moves in my Life. Help me to live in Love with You, always.

I AM God’s Invincible Guard established around me now and forever.

I AM the bridge over the river of confusion and misappropriation of free will.

I AM the Lifestream in the place of acceptance of my harmonised, innocent energy.

I AM the open door through which Joy passes to replace despair. I now place Love into all conditions that I question. I AM the Victory of the Love of God. Drawn by the right Scent of Love, I am soaring away on the Wings of Light.

I AM nurtured in the Arms of the Peace contained within the Great Flame of Eternity. The Peace not of this world is shining forth unencumbered from within me. I am aligning myself with the ever-expanding perfection of the immortal power of Life. I draw forth this Power and guide its outer physical manifestation.

I AM an open door to the Divine Light of immortal Power and Love. I am not giving a trial to Love; I am truly soaring into Love on my Wings of Light.

Beloved God, I ask You to anchor, by my demand, with Your command, Your Sacred Fire Love, in, through and around me, now. That Sacred Fire, that stops all misqualification of energy in my being and World, is now active in my reality.


I have indeed taken flight with my Wings of Light.


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